Now, we know it’s on Sunday. We know the only way this will realistically work is with an Amazon Prime miracle and various prayers. We know all that. But we also know that if you’re anything like some members of Team Life Network, a couple of you have completely forgotten it’s Father’s Day. So, let us help you not get outshined by siblings or get that look off your mum when she realises you’ve forgotten, and take a look through our specially curated list.

Let’s dive in…

This heated electric massage pillow

We know he’s worth it, but does he know that. This heated, multidirectional deep tissue massage cushion is sure to make your dad feel like a million bucks. Hey, even if it arrives on Monday, he’ll be so zen he won’t even remember that it’s late…

Sshh, just buy the heated massage pillow. You know you should…

The InGenious Lazy Man Frying Pan

Now, don’t go calling him a lazy man first thing in the morning by any means, but we think this one’s absolutely genius. There’re 5 different sections, perfect for all manner of breakfasts, lunches or dinners, you don’t need to season it between uses and it saves on the washing up. That’s like, a gold star gift!

If you try, you can almost smell the fry up. Buy the lazy man pan here.

Plant Theatre Bonsai Tree Kit

Now, for the more green-thumbed fathers amongst us, this Plant Theatre Bonsai starter kit is a top-notch idea. Containing the seeds for three distinct types of bonsai: Silver Birch, Red Maple, and Mountain Pine – this kit will give dad the project he’s never known he’s always wanted. If he does it right, a bonsai can easily live to 100 years old, so you might even get this one back one day…

The gift that keeps on growing – grab the bonsai kit.

The James Bond Triple Driving Experience + Paintball!

Sit down and ask your dad who his favourite Bond is. We’re willing to bet good money he’s got a TED talk pretty much prepared in his head, and has just been waiting for this very moment. So, we reckon this experience day is the perfect way to let him induldge himself. Tell him to throw on a suit, race around the tracks, and then do his best spy-level gunfighting at the included paintballing session…

The name’s gift, the ultimate gift…

4DRC F11 GPS Drone with 4K Camera

Does your dad love an adventure? You know what we mean. The second the sun appears, he’s got the car packed up with boogey boards, hiking boots, even a tent (just in case) probably. Well, what does an adventurer love more than being able to record those adventures, and show them to quite literally everyone for weeks after? That’s where this drone comes in… Plus, with auto-return and ‘follow me’ modes, he’d have to try really hard to lose this gift. It’s an investment, really.

Fly high with the 4DRC F11 drone here, baby.

13-piece stainless steel BBQ tool set

Just like how you shouldn’t get your dad started on James Bond, we highly recommend not getting him started on barbeques either. BUT, if you just bought this this gorgeous, fully stainless steel BBQ tool kit and sort of like, gave it to him and immediately left the room? You could avoid all that conversation and just enjoy the delicious food he cooks with it a couple of hours later. Maybe?

Take a look at the Landmann BBQ Toolkit here!

So, we hope this helped. If it didn’t, there’s always gift cards? Or just take him out for a pint at his local – they love stuff like that don’t they? Mostly though, we hope you and the father figures in your lives have an amazing day!