Do you ever find yourself sitting in class thinking to yourself, “What is the point?” 

We all wish we could just skip this ‘education malarkey’ and go straight to the being rich, with our dream job, while being able to provide the life our future pet deserves. I know I do.

Whether you’re a fresher or a veteran student, we’ve got your procrastination covered with 20 memes that sum up your education so far. 

*Then I’m shocked when I fail the exam* ?, But that’s what re-sits are for, right?

How else am I expected to reach the word on an assignment I started the night before? 

Does it ever feel like you check the time, study for 3 hours, and then check the time again and only 2 minutes has passed?It’s safe to say that you never really appreciate quite how long an hour is until you’re stuck in a classroom.

Does anyone else end up leaving all their assignments until the last minute because you have the time management skills of a carrot?

So everything yeah? Anyone else severe trust issues when being told “don’t worry, that won’t come up in the exam”, so just end up studying everything, just to be on the safe side? 

I mean, technically it is different. The golden rule to remember as a student is that it’s only plagiarism if you get caught. (We’re joking of course, please don’t steal other people’s work guys! ?) 

If I spent half the time I spend complaining about my assignments, actually doing the work, I wouldn’t have any assignments left to complain about.

Writing a rough draft? Ain’t nobody got time for that. 

You’d think I’d have a lot more energy for someone who takes so many naps, right? Out of this whole list I think this is the most likely reason for me failing all of my exams.  

And then the professor is shocked when we all get bad grades…

Anyone else just live in a constant state of stress? I’ve accepted that that’s just who I am as a person now. 

If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for your future pet. They’re counting on you. 

In fairness, If I didn’t submit my assignments 30 seconds before the deadline I may actually have time to proof read them. But where is the fun in that, right? 

I’ve gotten to the point where this can no longer just be classed as procrastination, I’m just outright jeopardizing my future now. 

If I new how much I actually needed to study for my exams, I would have started studying back in kindergarten.

I now realize just how much I took naps for granted when I was younger. I won’t be making the same mistake twice. 

I don’t mind so much when I don’t bother to study, but there is nothing more painful than when this happens to you when you actually put in the to study. 

And then people have the nerve to say “UnIvErSiTy iS tHe bEsT tImE oF yOuR LiFe…..”. I’m tired, I’m stressed and I’m 100% done. 

I always used to think classes were too early, and was the reason I never attended. Then all our classes were done online. Turns out I was the problem after all.